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Get a good foundation for acquiring and using BI

Here you will find comprehensive knowledge about business intelligence.


The articles cover a wide range of topics, from defining the basic concepts to guides for selecting and acquiring business intelligence, to advice on how to get maximum value - and the quickest ROI - when you have acquired a BI system.

What is Business Intelligence?

Get a brief and concise introduction to business intelligence and how the right BI system can provide you with insights, overview, and control.

Top 14 BI key concepts

"Top 14 BI key concepts" What does it actually mean when we talk about 'data warehouse', 'in-memory computing', and 'data sources'?

Frequently Asked Questions about BI

Read our FAQ and get closer to a decision about how much you can optimize your business with business intelligence.

Do you dare to wait with investing in BI?

Are you making critical business decisions based on a solid, knowledge-based foundation - or on gut feelings, outdated data, and flawed data sources?

How to optimize your business with BI

Get an overview of the reasons behind the numbers. Here we present five concrete examples of how you can achieve optimization and savings with Qlik-based BI.

The reason why BI is a good investment

Could your bottom line be improved if everyone:

Achieved a 10% increase in accurate performance?
Improved response time by 10%?
Bases decisions on facts?

Benchmark your Excel solution against BI

How does a Qlik-based BI solution perform compared to Excel? See our list of 10 key points and gain insight into whether you should invest in BI.

Benchmark: Qlik vs. standard BI solution

How does Qlik perform compared to the common BI solutions on the market? See our comparison and get ready to make an informed decision about the optimal BI solution.

Optimized and automated management reporting

Here you will get an overview of how you can optimize and automate your company's management reporting with a well-executed BI solution.

We have also optimized the business for:

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