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The vast majority of BI platforms create value for business operations.


When a company has made an investment in a particular BI platform, a large part of the business's small challenges are immediately addressed.

Most Business Intelligence solutions will satisfy the common analysis needs of Danish companies. This is often achieved through dashboards with the most important KPIs.

However, there are some elements that make it lucrative for a company to supplement an existing BI platform with Capana's Qlik.


Here we show 3 unconventional areas where Capana's Qlik BI has created value.



Connect public accounting data with your own sales data, establish contact with previously unseen customers, or maneuver into new sales channels. Analyze market shares by industry and geography.

Capana has established an address and accounting database of all Danish companies from and, respectively. The database is regularly maintained, ensuring that all data is up-to-date and trustworthy.

For example, one of Capana's customers, a production company selling to craftsmen and building markets, has through a combination of the above data and their own data, obtained a tool that monitors market shares by geography and identifies potential new geographic opportunities, new customers, and new sales channels.

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By combining customer purchasing patterns, product, and inventory data, companies can create targeted marketing campaigns and segment customers based on relational data analysis.

Several of Capana's customers are in the media industry, and therefore the basis for their analyses is often complex, requiring the BI platform to connect data through relationships. They use Qlik to create both targeted marketing lists and customer segmentation.

Example; A broadcast company that finds customers who have a small TV package without children's channels and have also purchased individual children's movies in the last 3 months and have never had the large TV package including children's channels. This can be segmented by geography, customer lifetime.

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Human Resources


Losing good employees is costly for any business. Is there a correlation between the unemployment rate in the local area and how far employees are willing to commute before they switch jobs?

Capana Public Data database contains all statistics from Statistics Denmark. This allows businesses to connect internal data with publicly available statistics.

Example: Capana's Public Data database, several relevant statistics, and an overview of employment. By linking the company's address and the employee's place of residence, a clear correlation is shown between employment and the number of driven kilometers.

The HR department gets a tool that enables them to react proactively to employees who are within the "risk zone" of switching jobs due to commuting distance.

Qlik Sense Reporting Mashup

Automated delivery of tailored reports from your Qlik Sense solution - including alerts for deviations from targets/budgets.

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