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Qlik sense is a fantastic business intelligence-tool which Capana has made even better with our add-on 'Reporting Mashup'

Qlik sense gives an intuitive access to targeted data analysis on all levels in a corporation and although users also have the power to make stories, we have always thought something was missing. 

Reports for the part of an organization who has the primary need for updated reports - delivered straight to their mailbox. 

The reports must be generated automatically, the information must be targeted the individual user, and everybody must be capable of making them.

This is issue is solved by Capana's 'Reporting Mashup' which is a mash-up-extension for Qlik Sense

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The Princip is simple:

1. Open up Capana Reporting Mashup in your browser
2. Select layout for report (premade or custom made templates), number of pages and possibly texts.
3. Select those Qlik Sense apps that needs to be used
4. Drag and drop
5. Select receivers
6. Schedule fervency 
7. Save

It couldn't be simpler and it takes less than two minutes to make a report. The reports will always contain updated numbers that reflects the Sense-applications.

All it requires is an installation of Reporting Mashup - No extra coding in Qlik Sense and no set-up. We have prepared everything for you.

Capana Reporting Mashup makes it possible for you to reach every aspect of your organization without extra costs in terms of Qlik Sense-licenses. The recipients just get a PDF-report whether it be employees, business partners or a 3rd.

You become quicker, sharper and appear more professional. Simple yet very positive contributes to your business

"It's an extremely flexible system – you can pretty much do anything you dream of. It is enormously easy to search across data and find exactly the knowledge you need"

- Kim Karlov Nielsen, CFO 


Features in Qlik Sense 'Reporting Mashup'

Build reports across apps 
A Qlik Sense solutions is often made up of many Sense apps. - For example a Finance app, Sales app, Warehouse/purchasing app, etc. It is customized so it targets your organization, in the best way possible. But a management report must usually include data across all apps and therefore in our 'Reporting Mashup' you can freely select what apps you want to build your report upon.

Use the report dynamically in meetings
At meetings you can open your report directly in 'Reporting Mashup' in your browser. This allows you to use it with full Sense logic if you need to look into numbers or analyze.

Report archive
All reports are saved in an archive allowing you to use 'old' reports again if needed.

Editing a report
You can edit the report if you want to change or add pages, objects or texts

Manually distributed report
If you need to run the report manually in a special case - for example, the management report for the previous period - you can create a copy of the report, open it in edit mode, modify your filters so that it applies to the previous period, save it, and manually run the report including distribution.


Duplicate a report
To create a variant of a report, simply duplicate the report and make the necessary changes.


Manually specify the recipient or use a field in the Qlik Sense app, such as "Sales email", "Supplier email", etc.

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