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Increase your insights with Qlik Sense as a supplementary BI platform

You have already invested in a BI platform that meets your expectations - so why on earth should you also invest in Qlik?


The Business Intelligence market is dynamic in the sense that the three leading BI vendors, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau, are constantly trying to close their respective gaps. Most BI platforms have a similar look and feel on the front-end, meaning that there is not much difference in functionality today, which does not justify replacing one system with another.

However, there are still areas where BI platforms differ from each other. Below, we describe some of the elements that make Qlik a great supplement to any BI platform.

4 areas where Qlik differs from other BI systems:

  1. Qlik is the only tool that provides a unified view without a database.

  2. Qlik offers more advanced features in the visualization front-end.

  3. Qlik data models relationally without defining dimensions and expressions.

  4. Qlik is an open platform, allowing Capana to develop and improve the platform as needed.

Unfortunately, this is technical jargon that is difficult to translate into 'value-for-money' for you, but we will try nonetheless.

Here are areas where we have experience showing that Qlik and Capana work perfectly as a supplement."

Many small decisions are better than decisions for the few

Other people's data provides more intelligence.

Things need to get out of the IT department faster

The world is constantly changing, and therefore it is allowed to try without knowing

For large organizations seeking greater insight faster

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Qlik Sense Reporting Mashup

Automated distribution of customized reports from your Qlik Sense solution - including alerts for deviations from targets/budgets.

Capana extensions

In the Qlik Sense open platform, Capana can optimize objects in the standard library and develop extensions that are not otherwise available in Qlik Sense.

"Qlik Sense - Open Source?

Throughout time, all BI tools have functioned as a box with pre-defined objects, tables, and graphs that companies invested in. In a way, it is still the case today, although the standard objects have become more user-friendly.

With Qlik, it is different. Qlik currently delivers an Open-Source Software, which functionally and maintenance-wise is at the same level as various BI systems on the market. The advantage of Qlik Sense is that it can be changed or expanded. As one of the few Danish partners, Capana has chosen to take advantage of the opportunity to tailor our tool to our customers' wishes.

 >   Read more here 

In addition to developing new and improving existing objects, Capana has built a reporting generator. The purpose is to automate reporting to management, customers, suppliers, board of directors, or the sales department. These reports are scheduled, updated, and automatically distributed after selected intervals.

   Read more about the reporting generator here

Capana spends 10-15% of our time increasing the value of each Qlik Sense application through our R&D department. We follow Qlik's release schedule with a one-month delay, so our development work is always up-to-date and fully functional.

Checklist for optimal performance

If you are experiencing issues with your Qlik environment not performing optimally, you can identify some of the common causes through our checklist here.

We have also optimized the business for:

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