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BI custom made specifically to your industry

When you want more insight, overview, and control than your current systems can provide.

Can you recognize any of these needs from your daily work life?


  • A need for automating management reporting, inventory analysis, streamlining processes, sales performance, project monitoring, or fleet management.

  • A requirement for optimized knowledge distribution and information flow so that everyone in the company has the information they need precisely when they need it.

  • A need for optimized calculation of contribution margin, procurement benchmarking, handling of product flows through inventory, and calculation of the completion rate of extensive projects.

  • A desire to have the decision-making basis for strategic and practical decisions in one unified place so that everyone in the company has a common platform to prioritize and optimize from.

These are just some of the reasons why our customers over the years have expressed their need for optimized business intelligence.

Common to all of them is the need for better insight, overview, and control in all parts of the company - for management and the board as well as for the individual salesperson, accounting assistant, and customer service representative.

And common to all of them is that they have achieved results that have saved the company money and optimized earnings and the bottom line already a few years after the implementation of a Qlik-based BI solution from Capana - typically experiencing a 10% improvement within three years.

Contact BI-specialist Anders Frost

Tlf: +45 5151 2271


What you get with Qlik-based BI from Capana:

Quick access to insights, overview and control - Implementation time: 3 months. You'll see the first results in just a few weeks.

  • Industry-specific solution - We have many years of experience in developing and implementing BI in a wide range of industries, so you're guaranteed a solution that meets your industry-specific needs.

  • Easy and user-friendly system - Intuitive and flexible system that, with just a few clicks, provides instant access to new insights, queries, and perspectives on your data and results.

  • Access to data from anywhere - Dashboards, reports, and analysis are available on PC, Mac, tablet, and mobile.

  • Complete package solution - The agreement also includes training, support, system updates, and monitoring.

  • Flexible solution - New modules or business systems can easily and quickly be added later on.

  • Better data foundation and fewer error sources - Before the project starts, we check the quality of your data and correct any erroneous data and error sources.

  • Data collected in one place, accessible to all - The solution is built as a layer on top of your existing systems, including industry-specific IT systems, and links data from all departments (e.g., finance, sales, inventory, and purchasing) in one single dashboard, which each employee can customize for their own purpose.

We have also optimized the business for:

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