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Fast, flexible, and value-creating.


Many years of experience, both in the BI industry and across various industrial sectors, have shown that Qlik is the BI technology that provides the fastest, most flexible, and therefore most value-creating solution - regardless of the industry in which the BI solution is to be applied.

Qlik BI = Fast


A Qlik-based BI solution is quick to develop, quick to implement, and quick to use. The solution is built on top of the company's existing systems, connecting all departments and consolidating all of the company's data into a unified system accessible to all employees. The data is updated daily, providing a real-time view of the company's, customer's, salesperson's, order's, project's, or product's status—a knowledge-based foundation for making informed decisions.

The initial installation of the Qlik system takes only between 0.5 and 2 hours on a company server. Thereafter, the dedicated BI specialist from Capana works continuously to roll out the solution to all company departments. The first department can typically be up and running, delivering initial results, within two to three weeks. This gradual implementation ensures engagement in each department, enabling employees to immediately (and willingly) adopt the system when they see how easy it is to use and the value it brings in other departments.

Qlik is a true Extract - Transform - Load (ETL) tool, allowing solutions to be developed and maintained solely using Qlik. Data is extracted, stored (in flat files), transformed (and stored again), and presented within the same tool. This eliminates the need for time-consuming database construction and maintenance, and the scalability of the system, capable of handling billions of transactions, ensures optimized delivery and solutions for businesses of any type and size.

The presentation layer consists of customized dashboards in a browser (including tablets and smartphones). Responsive design and self-service are inherent in Qlik, providing you, as a user, with maximum control and overview in your use of the system.

See how quickly Qlik can deliver results for you.

Try the system yourself and discover the insights that Capana's BI solutions can provide.

Qlik BI = Flexible


Each employee can create their own customized dashboard, providing an overview and access to the specific metrics, underlying data, and analyses they need to optimize their daily work. It could range from tracking the capital tied up in inventory to monitoring sales and profitability for each individual customer of a salesperson, or even examining sales and revenue performance across national divisions of a global corporation.

Queries can be quickly adjusted to meet specific needs, and new queries can be generated with just a few clicks, often without relying on the company's IT department or Capana's BI specialists. For instance, changing the time dimension of a query from a monthly basis to a weekly basis can be done with a single click—a modification that would typically require cube regeneration in other systems before obtaining a response.

Qlik's comprehensive and flexible system offers swift response times and rapid insights, enabling optimized control over all actions within the company. Moreover, there are no limitations on the knowledge that can be accessed from the system—one can obtain answers to any conceivable question or even receive early warnings about the next crisis that may impact the business.

If there is a need for significant customizations, such as adding new data sources or expanding to multiple departments within the company, it is a fast and uncomplicated task, often taking just a few days of development time for our BI specialists. Our deep business understanding and industry experience mean that we grasp your needs and can promptly translate them into valuable new functionalities in your BI solution.

"It's an extremely flexible system – you can pretty much do anything you dream of."

- Kim Karlov Nielsen, CFO


Qlik BI = Value Creation


Your benefits after one year with Qlik:

 >  Fewer time-consuming manual processes.


 >  Enhanced insights into the company's state at all levels, leading to increased agility and shorter response times as every employee can make data-driven decisions.


 >  Confidence that facts generate better results than employees' gut feelings.


 >  Improved data quality and reduced human errors and other sources of mistakes.


 >  Heightened management confidence in having accurate figures as the basis for decision-making.


 >  Increased transparency within the company, enabling easy access to the data behind KPIs and results.


 >  Greater control and quick overview, such as identifying opportunities to maximize revenue, reduce costs, and optimize processes.


 >  Improved bottom line—most companies achieve a 10% improvement in the bottom line after three years.


Qlik is among the world's leading BI products


The world-renowned IT research and advisory firm, Gartner, once again named Qlik as one of the world's leading BI products in its "Magic Quadrant" in 2018.

Qlik ranks at the top, closely followed by Tableau and Microsoft, with only a slight margin separating them.

Why choose Capana?

- over the other BI systems available in the market.

Benchmark: Qlik vs. Standard BI Solution

How does Qlik perform compared to the conventional BI solutions in the market? Explore our comparison and get ready to make an informed decision regarding the optimal BI solution.

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