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Scalable and agile BI solution for an international corporation


Inwido is a publicly traded corporation with companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and England, manufacturing doors and windows.

Capana has delivered a comprehensive BI Corporate solution for the Danish companies, covering Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Procurement, with primary source systems being C5, Axapta, and Navision.

Our primary contact has been the Danish CFO, Brian Frimor, who has been responsible for multiple BI implementations in other corporations. Here is his experience with Qlik and Capana.


"Inwido's strategy includes a desire to grow through acquisitions, so when I had to choose a BI solution, it was crucial that the BI technology was scalable and agile. Our companies can use different ERP systems, but we cannot wait for months before their data is integrated into our BI solution – and I must say that Qlik fully meets our expectations. Our BI solution ensures that we, as management, have consolidated group figures in our dashboards, and as CFO, I have the ability to analyze these figures down to the lowest level without a lot of Excel intermediaries. It saves time, ensures accurate decision-making, and allows us to focus on optimization instead of preparing data.

Capana has been our Qlik BI provider all along, and they excel at their Qlik craftsmanship. I have the same consultant who has built extensive knowledge about our solution and business, making implementations efficient. Moreover, Capana is a trustworthy company that is on the same wavelength as their clients."


The 5 key results Inwido has achieved using Capana's BI solution:

  1. Integration of multiple different ERP systems into one consolidated system.

  2. Dashboards with clear presentations of group figures.

  3. Ability to analyze data down to the lowest level with a few clicks.

  4. Accurate decision-making foundation.

  5. Streamlined workflows and time savings.

We have also optimized the business for:

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