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We understand the importance of quick results when making decisions based on the insights provided by your BI solution. We know that delays in receiving the right information can be costly if a BI project is prolonged or does not integrate well with your existing business systems.


At Capana, we work on the principle of "building on top of" instead of "rebuilding" - our Qlik-based BI solution is layered on top of and integrates with all your systems to extract and combine data.

Unlike many BI technologies that rely on cubes, which can become heavy IT projects over time due to redesign and regeneration requirements, Qlik associates data from different sources. This means that we don't need to recreate what we've developed during implementation when adding new functionality, which can be done in just a few hours.

This approach saves time and makes our solutions scalable, allowing you and your employees to quickly access the insights needed to optimize decision-making and workflows in your business.

Implementation time depends on the complexity and scope of your business and data sources. However, with a classic BI solution, the vast majority of our customers are up and running within three months, with many seeing results within a few weeks of project start.

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Delivering One of the Fastest BI Solutions in the Country


Easy Implementation:

A Qlik-based BI solution from Capana usually requires only one consultant from Capana and a few key employees from your company. This allows for close, effective collaboration and focus during the implementation phase.

Gradual Rollout:

We typically start implementation in one of the company's departments and get it up and running smoothly. Then, 1-2 weeks later, the next department is connected. This creates fast results for the company and better integration within the company, as employees from other departments can see the value that the solution provides to the departments that have already implemented it.

Create, Implement, Run:

Our BI tool requires neither extensive nor ongoing technical maintenance. It is easy to use for the developers who need to work on it, and once installed, it runs efficiently and stably.

All Functions in One Tool:

All BI functions, from data extraction to analysis, reporting, and presentation, are performed by one unified tool, unlike other leading BI tools, which consist of three different tools that need to work together before the end user gets the desired information. This makes Capana's Qlik-based BI solution extremely fast and efficient in everyday use, as well as easy and inexpensive to acquire and implement.

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High flexibility and fast results

Capana's BI solutions are not based on cubes, which makes it much easier to change and adapt the data dimensions used in the analyses if there is a desire to retrieve other results, key figures, and underlying data than originally assumed.

This makes it extremely efficient and fast to develop and build new angles - both during the initial implementation phase and when the solution is in use.

In fact, the system is so easy to adapt that core employees can quickly learn to perform new searches during meetings, allowing management to immediately receive the information and insights they need, rather than having to wait for the development of new cubes before new reports can be generated.

"It's an extremely flexible system – you can pretty much do anything you dream of. 

- Kim Karlov Nielsen, CFO


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