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Find inspiration in our QlikView & Qlik Sense dashboard gallery

Which knowledge would you prefer to base your decisions on?


Earnings statistics by salesperson, product, customer, store, and weekday?

Benchmarking of purchases to identify the cheapest suppliers?

A comprehensive overview of which foreign markets meet the budget and which do not?

With a Qlik-based BI solution from Capana, there is no limitation on the knowledge you can extract from your data. The dashboard gallery below showcases examples of how other CFOs, CEOs, and CSOs utilize their Capana solution to find critical business insights that serve as a foundation for important decisions made within the company.

Find inspiration in our gallery of dashboards from some of the country's leading CFOs, CEOs, and CSOs below.



Qlik Sense is the latest analytics tool released by Qlik. This system is particularly up-to-date in a changing BI market. Read below to find out why.


Self-Service works really well in Qlik Sense. Users can create their own tables and dashboards, making it easier for them to work with and analyze data. The associative data model allows users to gain insights into all the data in the company with just a few clicks. The result is factual support in critical decision moments.

Open System:

One of the biggest advantages of Qlik Sense is that it is a web-based and open system. This allows for the development of extensions and mashups. At Capana, we have done this by creating new objects in Qlik Sense, such as KPI dashboards and tables. We have also developed a report generator using mashups. The open system also enables integration of Qlik Sense with any website.


In addition to being easy to navigate, Qlik Sense also has the advantage of considering all data, eliminating the need for data regeneration during user analysis. This increases agility in the solution and provides users with faster answers to their questions.


Qlik Sense is built up quickly as it does not require heavy IT-related services.


This means that users do not need to invest heavily in, for example, SQL servers or third-party software to handle the ETL process.


Additionally, Qlik Sense does not require a Data Warehouse to fully benefit from it. Instead, it works excellently with an existing Data Warehouse. Furthermore, there are no challenges in consolidating multiple source systems.

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Discover how you can gain

insight, overview, and control

- with a Qlik-based BI solution from Capana.

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QLIKVIEW - The "Grand Old Man" of Qlik Technology


QlikView is the first - and still the most widespread and well-known - product developed by Qlik (formerly Qliktech). Over time, Qlik has expanded its product portfolio, and today, a Qlik-based BI solution often consists of elements from several of Qlik's products, allowing for tailored solutions for each company.

Among QlikView's value-added features, you get:


 >  Pre-developed, customized dashboards that provide users with a complete overview combined with endless possibilities to explore the data behind the results and analyze any number down to the smallest detail - such as transactions or vouchers - using the drill-down function.

 >  Ability to save and repeat analyses using bookmark functionality.

 >  Easy data search through a search field similar to Google's.

 >  Automated distribution of analyses and reports via email.

 >  Easy customization of analyses, such as changing the time dimension from year to week, with immediate visualization of the results of the change.

In addition, a wide range of functionalities from Qlik's other products can be integrated, such as Qlik NPrinting (advanced report distribution), Qlik GeoAnalytics (advanced map visualization and location-based data analysis), Qlik Analytics Platform (advanced visualization tool for any device), Qlik DataMarket (access to relevant data from external sources) - and, of course, Qlik Sense.

We have also ... optimized the business for:

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