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BI implemented throughout the business - and utilized as new products and services for customers


With over 50,000 customers with relatively individual pricing and services, Berendsen is the largest provider of laundry services in Europe. It requires control and oversight when products need to be picked up, washed, and delivered to the right locations.

The company has been using data warehousing and business intelligence since the late 90s but faced the need to modernize its solution. This led to a Qlik solution from Capana - resulting in significant optimizations, cost savings, and new products.

Down below you can choose to watch our video interview with Klaus Nissen, IT Manager at Berendsen, in the right column or read the transcription of the videos below.

The 5 key results Berendsen has achieved through the use of Capana's BI solution are:

  1. Operational BI solution implemented throughout the company.

  2. Introduction of new products and optimized customer service.

  3. Significant savings in fuel consumption through optimized scheduling and transportation.

  4. Self-service system for end-users through a flexible and user-friendly solution.

  5. Fast and reliable access to completely new data on a daily basis.

How did it start?

"We have over 50,000 customers, and they have relatively individual pricing and individual services, so it is challenging to gain an overview of the data and run the business..."

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Looking for a new BI solution

"In the beginning, QlikView was just a quirky system that they claimed could do a lot, but gradually we became more and more interested in it because we thought it approached business intelligence in a completely new and exciting way..."

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A new way of thinking about BI integration

"That's where we saw that QlikView had the ability to leverage the data warehouse, but even if the data wasn't there, we could still bring the data into QlikView's world along with our data warehouse data, so that we could present them to our business in a fast and intelligent way..."

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Usability and fast value

"So it was something about time to market, it was something about usability, and it was the fact that you could create a world where the end user could actually explore the data and get more than what they actually asked for..."

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Operational BI at all levels in the organization

"We have spread business intelligence much more widely throughout the business and discovered completely new areas where business intelligence can actually be leveraged..."

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Easy implementation of BI for new business areas

"And even in production, we have implemented performance monitoring, so we can assess the work processes, measure work efficiency, identify bottlenecks, and determine where additional staffing is needed, etc..."

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BI provides competitive advantages

"We have just developed a solution for our service organization, so when we have recurring visits to our customers, we now actually send a QlikView report to the customer service manager, who receives a complete overview of all customer engagements..."

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Developing customer-specific solutions ourselves

"We can also provide customer-specific statistics ourselves, which QlikView can produce, and customers will be able to subscribe to it..."

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Saves diesel equivalent to driving around the world 3 times per quarter

"We have implemented a solution that provides our distribution managers with a quick overview of how efficiently they are utilizing their fleet. This means that we visualize both how this route is actually planned, integrating QlikView and Google Maps..."

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Surprisingly simple implementation and integration

"The implementation of QlikView itself - originally one of the reasons we chose the system - was also because it has a very accessible infrastructure..."

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The choice of Capana

"They have definitely ensured that it is possible, so it is essential to choose specialized consultants who have a track record of creating business solutions that can also be used in operation..."

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The pedagogy of QlikView

"So what we see is that end-users who used to lie down and request an Excel spreadsheet, can now navigate to their goals themselves, thereby avoiding an additional layer of data preparation personnel..."

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We have also optimized the business for:

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