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Who is NodeGraph


NodeGraph is a Swedish company that develops add-ons for QlikView & Qlik Sense.

The market has already embraced the NodeGraph product, which is currently used by over 190 customers in 20 countries.

With NodeGraph software, Capana addresses the documentation and data security challenges that our customers may face.

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Why this collaboration

Capana has long been searching for a product that can document the data models in our solutions and track the consequences of changes.

This is precisely what NodeGraph does, so NodeGraph enhances the quality and transparency of Capana's BI.

In our view, this software fills a gap that has long been a criticism of Qlik BI solutions - the lack of data model documentation.


In a simple and sleek design, you gain an overview of your data models' Qvw and Qvd files, their fields, and expressions, allowing you to quickly see the consequences of changes in fields and expressions.

We are excited about the collaboration with NodeGraph.

Data Lineage

Where exactly does your data come from?


With NodeGraph's Dependency Explorer, you have the ability to visualize and track your Qlik metadata. This increases your understanding of how your data is interconnected and how the business data moves from the ERP system to Qlik.


 >  It provides you with information about all the data stored within your Qlik solution, allowing you to immediately trust the data presented to you on a daily basis in your Qlik application.

In addition to understanding the movement of your data, with the Field Explorer, you have the ability to see how many times your data has been loaded and transformed. This can provide you with a deeper understanding of your data.

Data Governance Module


Put your Data Governance at the forefront. With the Governance module, you can easily analyze how your data works together. You can, for example, see which data is used most or least, or gain insights into whether you have any data that is not connected to other data in your solution.


Test Module


With NodeGraph's Test Module, you can ensure that you can always rely on your data and your solution.

Contact BI-specialist Anders Frost

Tlf: +45 5151 2271


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