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Complete overview down to each individual ad and subscription sale


Edda Media in Norway, like many other media companies, faced a range of challenges in a rapidly changing media landscape. At the same time, the organization was spread across a large geographical area and had many local media houses, making it difficult for management to have an overview and control of sales, customer acquisition and churn, ad sales, etc.

That's where a BI solution from Capana stepped in.

Below, you can choose between watching our video interview with Svein Rødskog, Sales Director Consumer Market, and Esben W. Knudsen, Head of Sales, Edda Media, or reading the transcription of the videos.


The 5 key results Edda Media has achieved using Capana's BI solution:

  1. Complete overview of customer acquisition and churn.

  2. Quick access to information on ad sales on a daily basis.

  3. Central access to information on all departments, salespeople, campaigns, and customer relationships.

  4. Insight into campaign effectiveness, enabling targeted marketing efforts.

  5. Instant access to reports that previously took 2-3 days to obtain - and much higher level of detail in the reports.

Reasons for choosing Capana and SalesTrack

"When we got in touch with Capana, we saw that they had solutions that could help us with these questions, and we defined a project that contributed to successfully gaining the necessary insights we were looking for..."

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The situation before SalesTrack

"In addition, unlike before, we are now able to analyze and conduct in-depth analysis, examining the trends and patterns within our customer database..."

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Overview and simplified reporting

"This has helped us because we can retrieve information about the actual situation at any time, and we can analyze the situation in a completely different way than before..."

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Value-creating implementation

"It was a whole new world, and it is easy for me to say: It has resulted in us being able to act much, much faster. We have been able to prevent customers with significant losses. We see things much faster and operate more professionally..."

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Improved decision-making foundation

"The fact that we see numbers faster and better gives us a better decision-making foundation to select focus areas, to define critical improvement areas. So we are more confident that we are right now because the numbers are much clearer and more readily available than they were before..."

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Subscription sales

"What we can do today, compared to before, is that we have much greater precision in all our marketing efforts. We have increased our sales approach. We are better at retaining customers..."

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We have also optimized the business for:

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