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20 years of experience in Qlik deliveries


Since 2003, Capana has been delivering Qlik solutions to over 150 organizations across 10 different industries. Throughout this time, we have adjusted, fine-tuned, and refined our delivery model to ensure that your organization receives a fast, professional, and ready-to-use Qlik platform, whether you are interested in QlikView or Qlik Sense.

After working on BI projects in various industries and types of businesses, Capana has acquired extensive knowledge on how to execute successful BI deliveries. At Capana, we consider it essential to understand our customers' business and needs, and to deliver high-quality BI craftsmanship. Our customer engagement model is based on this principle and the idea of optimizing it for a dynamic BI solution.

In our view, the key to success lies in the BI team and the close collaboration between the customer and the vendor.

The Team:


A lead consultant is responsible for daily communication with the customer. Additionally, Capana's BI team will support the lead consultant in the project. We appoint a lead consultant for each customer to ensure a deeper understanding of their business.

The Team's Delivery Manager will be responsible for ensuring timely project deliveries and overseeing work in accordance with the agreement. The Delivery Manager also plays the role of Key Account Manager (KAM).

To achieve a successful BI delivery, it is also important for the customer to take ownership of the BI solution. Capana recommends designating one person within the company who is responsible for the entire Qlik solution, and involving end-users in all projects. Regular status meetings will be conducted between Capana's KAM and the customer's BI responsible.

Capana also offers support for operational Qlik solutions. Support ensures that the customer's solutions are updated according to the plan and that support tickets are prioritized and addressed.

Contact BI-specialist Anders Frost

Tlf: +45 5151 2271


"Having quick access to correct knowledge is of vital importance. That's what Qlik gives us."

- Thomas Hammelev-Wethje, IT Manager


Delivery Model:


Capana's delivery model is designed to make the process as efficient as possible and ensure successful delivery. Therefore, we utilize different processes for different types of tasks.

New tasks (solutions):

 >  A specification for the task is sent to our lead consultant.

 >  The task is estimated and planned.

 >  The customer approves the estimate.

 >  Resources are allocated, and the project begins.

 >  The solution is tested and approved by the customer.

 >  The solution is deployed for use, and the project is closed. Capana's support                     department takes over responsibility for the solution.

Existing solutions:

 >  New inquiries are handled by the customer and their lead consultant.

 >  For tasks that exceed two hours in duration, the lead consultant provides an                     estimate, which the customer approves.

 >  The tasks are executed and published for testing by the customer.

 >  The customer approves the customizations, and the solution is deployed for use.

 >  Capana's support department takes over responsibility for the solution.

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