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We only want satisfied customers
- And we do everything in our power to ensure that our customers BI-solution can optimize their businesses and their bottom line
Down below you can watch and read our case stories about how Magasin, Berendsen, ALPHA-elektronik and Inwido, among others, have benefited from their BI-solution.

"There is virtually no function in Magasin that is not dependent on our solution."

- Peter Fabricius, CEO


"We save diesel equivalent to driving around the world three times - per quarter."

- Klaus Nissen, IT Manager


"The system allows us to optimize the business on many different fronts."

- Kim Engmark, CEO


"The solution saves time and ensures a correct decision-making basis. We can focus on optimization instead of preparing figures."

- Brian Frimor, CFO


"It impresses me that Capana was able to deliver this platform in just 10 days without knowing anything about our billing system in advance."

- Christian Buch, Billing Manager


"It's an extremely flexible system – you can pretty much do anything you dream of. It is enormously easy to search across data and find exactly the knowledge you need"

- Kim Karlov Nielsen, CFO 


"We gained insight into everything - From the numbers at the surface all the way down to each individual media house, department, seller - and customer."

- Espen W. Knudsen, Sales Director


"Having quick access to correct knowledge is of vital importance. That's what Qlik gives us."

- Thomas Hammelev-Wethje, IT Manager


"Capana's extensions and mashup makes Qlik Sense a complete platform."

- Brian Frimor, CFO

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