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- Increases the value of your Qlik sense application

Qlik Sense - A open platform

Qlik Sense is an impressive business intelligence tool that empowers users with advanced analysis and reporting capabilities while making data accessible across the organization via an open platform.

Capana contributes to the enhancement of Qlik Sense's usability and visual potential by developing extensions that make your BI solutions more user-friendly, intelligent, and visually appealing, thereby attracting more users.

Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense provides a standard library of graphical objects that are used to design the various visualization pages.

There are many parameters one would like to control/influence in the graphical objects when designing, and the Qlik Sense standard library does not always provide these options.

But fortunately, Qlik Sense is 100% open, so we at Capana can develop our own objects. These are called extensions, and Capana Extensions are our unique opportunity to optimize the BI tool.

Do have questions about Capana's extensions Package?

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Capana Qlik Sense Extensions

Consists of standard additions and extensions developed by Capana.

The standard additions include design objects found in the Qlik Sense object library. These are optimized with extended design options.

Extensions are design objects that aren't available in the Qlik Sense standard library.

Capana continuously updates extensions, ensuring maximum functionality for the latest Qlik Sense updates.

Capana Extension presentation

Capana's extensions improve the user experience while making your Qlik Sense dashboard more intuitive.



Capana Sidebar allows you to hide your filters in a bar that slides over your sheet when needed.


This makes your filters take up less space, and the Capana Sidebar makes your entire dashboard more elegant and professional.

In addition, the sidebar can be used to present current mini charts, which increases the value of each sheet in the application.


This is why all master items can be presented in Capana Sidebar.


Dashboard design requires KPIs - horizontal, vertical, and with the necessary measures and dimensions.


To prevent the dashboard from becoming overwhelming, we have developed a tool that allows you to give your sheets the best possible framework for success.

With Capana's KPI extension, you can dynamically control labels, formatting, font size, and colors.


This gives all sheets in your application a sleek and much more functional finish.


Have you ever been working on your analysis and thought, "Why can't I comment on this specific selection in Qlik Sense?" Well, now you can with our Comment Extension.

You can attach comments at the app level, app level + predefined dimensions, or app + filters.


It works a bit like notes, but more intelligent. The underlying data model is used to define which and when a comment should be displayed.

This also works seamlessly with Qlik Sense bookmarks.

List Box

Capana's list box provides a multitude of design options for your selection bar, so it takes up less space, is more intuitive, and fits into your preferred color scheme.

In addition to the many visualization options, you can define default values, enable quick multi-selection (like in QlikView), and control whether only one value can be selected.

Most importantly, you have the ability to control sheet global values such as the background via your list box.

Straight Table

Management reporting almost always includes tables, and is there anything worse than a bunch of numbers in a poorly designed layout?

With Capana's straight table, in addition to standard functionality, you get a multitude of formatting options based on row and column values or fixed values.

You can show/hide columns and headers, as well as control headers and totals. Finally, you can control the height and width of rows to get the perfect design.


Self-Service is a great thing, and now all users have the ability to build their own pivot or straight table using master items.

Select the dimensions and expressions to be displayed, rearrange columns if necessary, and voila - the specialized report is created in a split second.

Great for ad-hoc analysis, and also works with Qlik Sense bookmarks.

Reporting Mashup


In addition to the ability to expand and improve the Qlik Sense application, Qlik Sense allows Capana to develop Mashups for the platform.

Capana has developed a reporting generator that, with drag-and-drop, makes it possible to build reports with current and automatically updated data for key people in the organization.

With Capana Reporting Mashup, you can thus reach all corners of your organization without requiring extra Qlik Sense licenses - as the recipients simply receive a pdf report. If you have partners who need information, it's the same story.

Qlik Sense Reporting Mashup

Automated distribution of tailored reports from your Qlik Sense solution - including alerts for deviations from targets/budgets.

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