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Five concrete situations where you could make a crucial difference with BI.

As a CXO, you are expected to have a full overview of the company's KPIs at all times - and act accordingly. Promptly.

But what would it mean for your ability to act and make an impact if you could also find the reasons behind the numbers? And perhaps even be the one who can reveal trends, causality, optimization potentials, and possible realistic future scenarios BEFORE a major change occurs?

You can do that with a BI solution, which not only gives you quick access - and updates - of your KPIs, but also provides you with easy, flexible, and fast access to analyze the numbers crosswise and in-depth.

Five concrete situations where BI will give you access to optimize your business processes - and especially your bottom line.


Empower your sales team with a complete view of their customers - and equip them with tools to optimize their sales.

What if you could visualize the Top 10 customers and Top 10 products for each sales rep - and ensure that they had a comprehensive understanding of which customers purchase which items, how much revenue they generate, which clients seldom make a purchase, and more?"


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Both customers and products can be selected as dimensions, and columns can be sorted in ascending and descending order. This provides answers to questions such as:

  • Who are my biggest customers?

  • Who contributes the most to my bottom line?

  • Who am I at risk of losing?

  • Who are my poor-performing customers?

  • Which products sell best to my customers?

  • Which product does this salesperson sell the most of?

The possibilities of what can be gleaned from just sorting the data are almost endless for salespeople. This helps ensure that all sales reps can optimize their existing sales.


Create targeted marketing based on knowledge of which products customers already have.

What if you could optimize your sales team's cross-selling efforts through data-driven marketing that targets customers based on the products they already have, the products they've purchased in the past, and the products they've never purchased?

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The ability to filter by customer types, product types, and time provides marketing and sales with an extremely effective tool for optimizing cross-selling.


Enhance your customers' experience with optimized service

Imagine if your company's various departments had a unified platform for handling tasks such as order processing, delivery, inventory management, and procurement. Your customers would then experience reliable and efficient service tailored to their specific needs, every time they interact with your business.


"We can also deliver customer-specific statistics ourselves, which QlikView can produce, and which customers can subscribe to."

- Klaus Nissen, IT Manager


With this feature, you have the ability to filter in all possible ways and thereby gain access to knowledge and angles that most ERP systems cannot provide in a consolidated way. This complete picture of customers, orders, inventory, and delivery is a fantastic tool for improving inventory and delivery. It is used by many of our customers as a daily dialogue platform for managing customers and optimizing inventory.


Use your contribution margin actively!

What if you could get an overview of which products and customers are above and below the desired contribution margin with just one glance?

With a Qlik-based BI solution, you can get this knowledge and more, including trends for the contribution margin on products, salespeople, and customers based on the rolling 12-month development of the past 12 months.



Analyze your financial statements

What if you could add trending information and rolling 12-month development to your profit-and-loss report to analyze your financial statements compared to last year and identify what you need to correct?

In one complete view, you get the starting point for this and can easily dive into analysis details regarding sales, production, or administration in other screens.


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