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Do you dare to wait with investing in BI?

Common objections to business intelligence are:

"We've done fine with Excel so far."

"Isn't it just another IT system that employees have to learn to use?"

"Will it really make enough of a difference to justify the investment?"

Our experience shows that the vast majority of companies recoup their BI investment within three years. In addition, the value created by optimizing decisions and workflows will continue for several years to come.

Below are seven questions you should consider when contemplating acquiring your company's first BI solution.

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What difference would it make for your company if everyone:

  • Did 10% more right things?

  • Corrected errors 10% faster?

  • Based decisions on facts?


How much could you save if both management and employees could:

  • Avoid recurring manual routine tasks?

  • Reduce the incidence of (expensive) human errors?

  • Avoid long response times on report queries?

  • Minimize vulnerability due to illness or bottlenecks around key personnel?


Is your strategy based on the optimal KPIs for your company - or are there other KPIs that could provide deeper insights and better decision-making?

(Get inspiration for your KPIs in BI expert Bernard Marr's blog post here)


Does your board and management make decisions based on a solid, knowledge-based foundation - or is your data plagued by errors, uncertainties and outdated data?


Do you have the insight needed to anticipate and prevent the next crisis your company faces, so that you can act proactively - or are you constantly running faster and faster to react to market developments?


Are you losing track of ever-increasing amounts of data that your current Excel solution cannot handle - and do you know that your data contains potentially critical business information that you do not have access to at this time?


Do you wish you could gain insight, overview and control over your entire business in just 3 months (or 5 days for smaller solutions) - through an investment that can be recouped in just 3 years?

It's actually possible. With Qlik-based BI from Capana, your BI solution can be 100% implemented three months after project start. Read more here.

"How else would we keep track of millions of transactions spread across seven locations?"​

- Peter Fabricius, CEO


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