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The reason why BI is a good investment

Business Intelligence is a good investment. For most businesses.

We are honest about it: Business Intelligence is not for all companies.

Some companies with very simple processes and accounting can easily handle their daily needs with just regular Excel solutions. However, if you can answer yes to just one of the following questions, it would be beneficial to optimize your business management and management reporting through a BI solution.

Take this test to determine whether a Business Intelligence solution could benefit your company:

  • Would your business and profits improve if

    • Everyone in your company did 10% more things correctly?

    • Everyone in your company corrected errors 10% faster?

    • Everyone in your company based their decisions on facts?

  • Do you need better insights into the performance of each of your salespeople?

  • Do you believe that there are processes and workflows in your company that could be optimized to achieve significant savings?

  • Do you lack flexibility in settlement and budget periods to gain optimal insights into your accounts?

  • Do you spend a lot of time each week or month doing the same type of management reporting with new (and possibly outdated) numbers?

  • Are there times when you need different information or underlying data than what is presented in your management reporting at meetings?

Answering yes to any of these questions could indicate that implementing a Business Intelligence solution would be beneficial for your company.

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BI is an investment in the future.


Acquiring Business Intelligence is not a necessary evil or just an expense for yet another annoying IT system - it is, in fact, an investment in the future of the company. A BI system can provide you with:

  • Automation of a wide range of manual processes - including data retrieval and analysis on a day-to-day basis, as well as sending reports to relevant employees, management, etc.

  • Deeper insight into the company - from the management level to individual employees.

  • Better decision-making basis for critical business decisions, based on up-to-date information rather than outdated knowledge.

  • Freedom to perform other important tasks when tasks such as management reporting are automated.

  • Better data foundation when error sources and erroneous data are identified and removed.

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"It's an extremely flexible system – you can pretty much do anything you dream of. It is enormously easy to search across data and find exactly the knowledge you need"

- Kim Karlov Nielsen, CFO 


Discover the additional benefits that a BI solution can offer compared to using just an Excel sheet.

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