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Management reporting

Make your decisions based on facts with BI.


Accurate and reliable management reporting is crucial for the actual quality of the decisions being made.

With a well-executed BI solution, you and the rest of the management can be sure that the figures on which you base your business-critical decisions are always up-to-date and correct. Furthermore, you always have the opportunity to perform deeper analyses of the data behind the figures and identify the reasons for positive and negative trends in the company.

At Capana, we offer business intelligence tailored to your company and industry - based on one of the world's leading BI technologies, Qlik.

Below are a number of areas where management reporting can be optimized through a Qlik-based BI solution.

Future-proof management reporting that provides insight, overview, and control


With a well-functioning BI solution as the basis for the company's management reporting, you get access to a clear and easy-to-understand visualization of the company's development and key figures.

The figures - such as KPIs, sales data overlays, sales or departmental performance, etc. - are presented in clear reports that can be tailored to each individual leader's needs.

If there is a desire to dive deeper into the data behind the figures, for example before or during a management meeting, with a Qlik-based BI solution, you have easy access to this through the system's drill-down function, accessed through a dashboard in a browser.

Unlike several of the common, cube-based BI solutions, with a solution based on Qlik technology, it is also possible to expand with new areas, dashboards, and reports - without affecting the existing solution. This ensures that the BI solution can effectively keep up with the company's ongoing business optimization and provides a solid foundation for its future development.

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Automated updating and distribution of management reporting.


The updating and distribution of a company's management reporting can be automated with a well-functioning BI system. This eliminates repetitive manual tasks and increases the quality of the distributed reports by minimizing manual input and calculations - and thus potential sources of errors.

Moreover, the distribution of management reporting can be segmented according to each leader's preferences, so that each leader can receive automated reports with the specific key figures and overviews they desire, with a predefined interval - for example, weekly, daily, or on a set date.

The automation of updating and distributing management reporting frees up valuable work time for management and employees, which can instead be utilized for other important tasks - including analyzing the data and therefore the reasons behind the results.

Management reporting optimized through self-service


In addition to the automated updating and distribution of a company's management reporting, a Qlik-based BI solution also provides direct - and fast - access to updated KPIs, maps, results, etc. for management on a daily basis.

Each leader can have their own customized dashboard with precisely the figures, statistics, and maps relevant to their daily work. This enables leaders to quickly and easily grasp the current situation and also allows them to dive deeper into the data behind the figures, to explore new perspectives or other periods, and to conduct even more extensive analyses.

This streamlines workflows, as leaders (and other employees) do not have to wait for the IT department or BI provider's developers to produce new reports with the desired figures - and thus provides greater agility and the opportunity to act proactively on market trends.

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