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Get Insight, Overview and Control

- with Qlik-based business intelligence

At Capana, we are constantly investing in making a great product even better.
A "report engine" that even CXOs can use, and
Add-On's with new visualizations and functionality.

We call it QlikPlus

Qlik reporting directly in your in-box, and 10 add-on's to Qlik

It brings out the smile in both the developer and the users - and creates better results for your company.

Of course, all Qlik versions are supported, and the monthly subscription is simple and without bindings of any kind. So just try them out. We are sure you will love them and if not then you can just drop them again.

The only thing you have invested is a first month subscription, which you get at half price.


BI for DKK 7,500 per month. Binding and risk free

It includes solution building, solution hosting, ongoing adjustments, 1000 minutes of use per month, no restrictions on the number of users, our unique support and regular follow-up meetings - in short EVERYTHING.

The only variable is how much you use the solution - 1000 min is purchased for 670 DKK per month.

That said, absolutely no bindings - You can always jump off if you are not satisfied.

Why do we offer this? We get started faster with "real work" which creates value for you. We spend less time on sales work and we get a better use of our people.

BI for DKK 7,500 per month. Binding and risk free

Saves diesel equivalent to driving around the earth 3 times per. quarter

With more than 50,000 customers with relatively individual pricing and services, Berendsen is it
largest supplier of laundry services in Europe. It requires control and overview when products need to be picked up, washed and delivered to the right places

  • Operational BI solution from top to bottom in the company
  • New products and optimized customer service
  • Significant savings in fuel consumption with optimized disposal and driving
  • Self-service system for end users with flexible and user-friendly solution
  • Fast and reliable access to brand new data from day to day

"It is important that you choose specialized consultants who have a track record of creating business solutions that can also be used in operation."

It-chef Klaus Nissen

Read more about what Capana can do for you if you:

Does not have BI

A Qlik-based BI solution gives your entire organization access to business-critical knowledge - when and where they need it.

The Qlik solution is laid as a layer on top of your existing business systems and gives you analyzes and reports across all data.

Has BI

Qlik is among the world's three leading BI technologies. BI from Capana excels in:

  • Good performance = quick access to knowledge
  • Fast and flexible system = easy adaptation to new user needs
  • Low development costs and high ROI

Has Qlik

Capana is Denmark's most experienced Qlik supplier. With extensive experience and business understanding, we offer BI with:

  • High performance and ease of use
  • Well-functioning deployment framework
  • Unique extensions and mashups

We have also ... optimized the business for:

  • Berlingske Media
  • Børsen
  • Lundbeck
  • Magasin
  • Flügger
  • Jeres Logo
  • JeldWen
  • Brødrene Kier
  • DS
  • Harboe
  • Energi Danmark