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Has BI

Capana have worked exclusively with Qlik since 2003, and we have delivered solutions to more than +150 customers. We acknowledge Qlik as one of the best BI-platforms on the market which is why we focus 100% on Qlik-products.

Throughout the years we have gathered solid and comprehensive knowledge and experience, both technical- and business-wise – this is done through numerous deliveries to different industries and customers.

To give you the best possible basis for deciding your future Business intelligence platform, we will share everything we know here.

Qlik vs. Power BI

Qlik, together with Power BI and Tableau, are the market-leading BI systems according to Gartner's Magic Quadrant. We have taken a closer look at the strengths and weaknesses of Qlik compared to Power BI.

Why choose Qlik?

Qlik is unique with its "Associative Engine", which enables the user to analyze data from multiple channels. In addition, some of Qlik's strengths are: self service, high security and the fact that it is an open system.

Try the Qlik system

Get an insight into the technology and functionalities of the Qlik system. Watch demo video or try the system hands-on on your own data.

"Løsningen sparer tid og sikrer korrekt beslutningsgrundlag. Vi kan fokusere på optimering i stedet for udarbejdelse af tal."

- Brian Frimor, CFO



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