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BI for any business system

BI tailored to your specific industry

- When you want more insight, overview and control than your current systems can give you.

Can you recognize some of these needs from your everyday life?

  • Need for automation of management reporting, inventory analysis, streamlining processes, sales performance, project follow-up or run allocation..

  • Requirements for optimized knowledge distribution and information flow, so that everyone in the company has the knowledge they need, exactly when they need it.

  • Need for optimized calculation of gross margin, benchmarking of purchases, management of goods flow through the warehouse and calculation of the degree of completion of comprehensive projects.

  • Desire to have the decision basis for strategic and practical decisions in one place, so that everyone in the company has a common platform to prioritize and optimize from.

These are just some of the reasons our customers have given us over the years for their need for optimized business intelligence.

Common to them all is the need for better insight, overview and control in all parts of the company - with management and the board as well as with the individual salesman, accounting assistant and customer service employee.

And what they all have in common is that they have achieved results that have saved the company money and optimized earnings and bottom line already a few years after the implementation of a Qlik-based BI solution from Capana - typically a 10% improvement is experienced over three years .


Contact BI specialist
Anders Frost
Tlf. 5151 2271



You get it with Qlik-based BI from Capana:

  • Quick access to insight, overview and control - Implementation time: 3 months. You get the first results after just a few weeks.

  • Industry-specific solution - We have many years of experience with the development and implementation of BI in a large number of industries, so you are guaranteed a solution that suits your industry-specific needs.

  • Easy and user-friendly system - Intuitive and flexible system that with a few clicks provides instant access to new knowledge, new queries and new angles on your numbers and results.

  • Knowledge can be accessed anywhere - Dashboard, reports and analytics are available on PC, Mac, tablet and mobile.

  • Complete package solution - The agreement also includes training, support, system updates and monitoring.

  • Flexible solution - New modules or business systems can be easily and quickly added later.

  • Better data base and fewer sources of error - Before project start, we check your data quality and correct incorrect data and error sources.

  • Knowledge gathered in one place that everyone can access - The solution is built as a layer on top of your existing systems, including industry-specific IT systems, and connects data from all departments (eg finance, sales, warehousing and purchasing) in one unified dashboard, which each single employee can tailor to his own purpose.



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Do you have any questions?

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