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Capana's unique Qlik extensions

The focal point of everything we do is the customer's needs. Qlik Sense provides the opportunity to customize Qlik so that each user's experience and result is optimal.

At Capana, we have taken this opportunity to heart and have created a number of unique Qlik solutions, including mashups and extensions. On the pages here you can read more about these solutions - more are added regularly.

Capana Reporting Mash-up

Build your own reports in less than 2 minutes.

✓ Optimize your distribution of business-critical knowledge to both internal and external key people.

✓ Ensure that your company is constantly operating on the basis of the latest figures and updated knowledge of status, development and forecasts

✓ Strengthen your business relationships when your suppliers and partners are automatically kept updated about your joint business

✓ Cement a professional image when decisions are made based on facts rather than gut feelings

Capana Reporting Mash-up


Read about our unique Qlik Sense expansion pack below

Capana Extensions

✓ Increase functionality and value is your Qlik Sense solution, our extensions have been thoroughly tested and guarantee improved usability of Qlik Sense

✓ Ensure a more professional and sleek look on all dashboards, the Qlik Sense platform is also made more user-friendly

✓ 10 add-ons which are kept up to date with Sync's releases, Capana updates all extensions after each and every Qlik update, Your extensions will always be the latest version

Capana Extensions

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