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Capanas Best Practice for Qlik BI

The "best practice" recommendations we have compiled are based on everything from how to best develop a Qlik solution, to how to optimize the performance of an existing solution.

Capana has created a standardized deployment framework (DFW) based on best practice combined with Qlik's deployment framework. Capana's DFW ensures optimal performance, data quality and TCO for our customers. In terms of performance, it is not only hardware improvement that is important; there are several things that can affect how your Qlik environment works.

We share all these experiences with you below.

Capanas deployment framework (DFW)

Vi har udviklet vores eget deployment framework, som bygger på Qliks deployment framework kombineret med vores egne "best practice"-erfaringer.

Tjekliste for optimal performance

Oplever du problemer med, at dit Qlik-miljø ikke fungerer optimalt, kan du identificere nogle af de gængse årsager via vores tjekliste her.

Hvor godt performer jeres Qlik-løsning?

Et Qlik-miljø, der ikke performer optimalt, giver frustrationer for såvel IT-afdelingen som slutbrugerne. Læs vores "best practice"-erfaringer om optimeret performance her.

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