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Hvorfor vælge Qlik som BI-system?

There is multiple BI-platforms on the market and according to the international IT research- and consultant organization Gartner Qlik is in the top 3 in the market:

In the article here you can read the arguments for Qlik’s leading position, and what advantages Qlik provides its users.

There are multiple reasons to why a company should choose Qlik.

  • Qlik can consolidate data from multiple data sources.
  • Qlik Give users better options for Self-service.
  • Qlik is an open-source software.
  • Qlik rates high in data security
  • Qlik is in front based on technological performance.

Do you need to consolidate data from multiple data sources?

Most companies use multiple source-systems for different business areas. Usually that builds a need for consolidation of datasets to get the deepest insights as to a company’s performance.

The need can also come through acquisition of other companies, where consolidation of cross-company data can become necessary.

On of the main reasons as to who Qlik became a market success was the ease of consolidating multiple source systems.  This have been a core feature in Qlik products since day one and cuts the cost of developing a complex data warehouse that is only manageable by an IT-department.

At Capana we have multiple years of experience developing Qlik based BI solutions, that consolidates data from different source systems, different company systems, and a combination of both.

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Do you (and your users) want access to self-service?

Maybe you are also experiencing long response times from inquiring IT about a change to your BI-platform until it’s made. What causes that?

There can be plenty of reasons; a complex BI-platform and/or data warehouse, it could be an IT-department that is overwhelmed by work and simply can not find the time. All you have to know is – With Qlik delivery time from inquiry to finalized product is short. This way you reduce costly IT-expenses and get a solution that makes your business more effective and agile.

A core functionality in Qlik have always been providing customers with their KPI’s fast. With the launch of Qlik Sense focus has been turned to providing customers with a user-friendly interface, where users are able to create analytical dashboards by themselves. Today Qlik delivers a high-quality self-service platform that allows users to utilize their own visualizations with having to contact IT or a consultant.

That thought process is inherited by Capana in our delivery model, which focuses on and effective delivery and customer centric results. Our consultants are always in close cooperation with the company and customer needs!

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Qlik Sense is an open-source system

Qlik Sense being an open-source system allows adaption and customization beyond what a standardized BI-tool can offer.
Its possible to customize your Qlik Sense platform with your own diagram and tables – this does require some Java and HTML education but allows users to build their own objects.
Qlik Sense provide multiple client side-API’s that can be used for building mashups.

At Capana we have caught the opportunity of developing our own extensions for Qlik Sense. You can see our complete portfolio here –

Are you demanding top of the line security?

Depending on what type of data you have in your Qlik-platform, the data security demands can vary. What data does any use have access too, and what are only specific few allows to analyze?

Qlik uses Active Directory (AD) to manage access control, from app-level to a specific field. which means you can distribute applications to a single user or to users in an AD group. In addition, Qlik has a function called "Section Access" which allows you to set access at the area level - for example if you have a Finance solution and the access must depend on cost center. In this case, you can restrict the application so that users only have access to their own cost centers. It can be set to any area in the data model, such as business unit, customer accounts, etc.

Why does Qlik give better performance?

Qlik Associative Engine optimizes the solutions performance. It supports complex data models and calculations from different sources. Other BI-tools uses query-based data modelling which is much more structured and requires predefined datasets. The power of Qliks associative engine is the possibility of consolidating data from different sources and analyze across all your data.

With in-memory-technology and on-the-fly-calculations Qlik provides better performance than query-based tools. In-memory means that the data is loaded in the application and is ready to be used when the user wants to analyze. On-the-fly-calculations is defined as any calculations made will happen in real-time according to the users’ selections in the dashboards.

To fulfill the requirements of managing large unstructured datasets Qlik have developed On Demand App Generation (ODAG). ODAG means that when a user selects in the application, a new application is generated with the limited selected data.

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