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3 untraditional areas Qlik creates value

Most BI-platforms are providing business value.

When a business has invested in a BI-platform multiple “low hanging fruit”-issues are resolved.

Most Business Intelligence solutions will satisfy the typical Danish organizations analytical needs. And are often achieved by providing much needed help in form of dashboards and visualizing KPI’s.

But there are multiple elements that makes Capanas Qlik Sense lucrative as a supplement for their existing BI.

Here is 3 untraditional fields Capanas Qlik based BI have already provided value.


Combine public accounting data with company sales data, establish contact to currently unknown customers, or maneuver into new sales-channels. Analyze market share compared to industry and geography.

Capana has established an address- and accounting database of all Danish companies from both and the database is maintained regularly to ensure the data quality of the database.

Example: One of Capanas customers, a production company whose main audience is craftsmen and DIY stores, has through a consolidation of the above-mentioned data and their company data, made a tool that monitors market shares on geography, which identifies potential geographic opportunities, nye customers, and new sales channels.

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Through consolidation between customers purchase patterns, products and storage data companies can create targetable marketing campaigns, and segment customers through associative data analysis.

Multiple Capana customers are Media-customers, so their datasets are extremely complex so associative analytics are highly requested. They use Qlik to create both targeted marketing lists and customer segmentation.

Example: A broadcast company looking into which customers are not currently subscribed to a TV-subscription without a children’s channel but have purchased children’s movies in the past 3 months?
It’s possible to segment this on geography and customer-lifetime.

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Contact BI specialist
Anders Frost
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Human Resources

It’s expensive for any company to have a high churn rate. Is there a correlation between unemployment rate and the local area – and how far are your customers interested in transiting to and from work before they look for new challenges?

Capana Public Data database contains every statistic from Denmark’s Statistics. This provides a company with the option of consolidating internal and public data.

Example: By correlating the company address and an employee’s home address a clear trend between employment and the number of kilometers driven to work.

HR gets a tool that makes it possible to react proactively towards employees that are currently in the “risk-zone” of changing occupation due to the driving distance.

Qlik Sense Reporting Mashup

Automatiseret udsendelse af skræddersyede rapporter fra din Qlik Sense-løsning - inklusive alarm ved afvigelser fra måltal/budget.

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