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Get a complete BI solution in three months

We know how important quick results are for you when you have to make decisions based on the knowledge your BI solution should give you. And we know how expensive waiting time for the right knowledge can be if a BI project drags on or still turns out not to fit your company's current business systems.

That's why we at Capana work on the motto that "we build instead of rebuild" - our Qlik-based BI solution is added as an extra, value-creating layer that interconnects and extracts data from all your systems.

Many BI technologies are based on cubes and therefore over time become heavy IT projects, because additions mean that the cubes have to be redesigned and re-generated, which is often both time-consuming and expensive. Qlik works by associating data from different data sources, which means that it is not necessary to restore what we have developed during the implementation of the solution. We just add new functionality - often within a few hours.

It saves time and makes our solutions scalable, so you and your employees have quick access to the knowledge you need to optimize decisions and workflows in the company.

The implementation time obviously depends on how complicated and extensive your business and your data sources are, but with a classic BI solution, the vast majority of our customers are up and running after three months - and many have the first results already a few weeks after project start.

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That is why we can deliver one of the country's fastest BI solutions

Simple implementation

A Qlik-based BI solution from Capana usually requires only one consultant from Capana and few core employees from your company. It provides close, effective collaboration and focus in the implementation phase.

Gradual rollout

We usually start the implementation in one of the company's departments, which we get up and running well. Then the next department is connected in 1-2 weeks after. It creates quick results for the company - and better integration in the company when employees from the other departments can see the value the solution provides to the departments that have already had it implemented.

Create. Implement. GO

Our BI tool requires neither extensive nor continuous technical maintenance. It is easy to use for the developers who need to work on it, and once installed, it runs efficiently and stably.

All functions combined in one tool

All BI functions, from extracting data over analysis to reporting and presentation, are performed by one single tool, unlike other leading BI tools, which consist of three different tools that must play together before the end user has the desired knowledge. This makes Capana's Qlik-based BI solution extremely fast and efficient in everyday life - and at the same time easy and cheap to acquire and implement.

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High flexibility and fast results

Capana's BI solutions are not based on cubes, which makes it much easier to change and adapt the data dimensions used in the analyzes if there is a desire to search for other results, key figures and underlying data than first assumed.

This makes it extremely efficient and fast to further develop and build new angles on - both during the initial implementation phase and when the solution is taken into use.

In fact, the system is so easy to customize that core employees can quickly learn to conduct new searches during meetings so that management can immediately get the information and insights they need, instead of having to wait for new cubes to develop, before new reports can be generated.

NGI udtaler:

”Det er et overordentligt fleksibelt system – man kan stort set lave alt, hvad man drømmer om."

- Kim Karlov Nielsen, finansdirektør

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