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Does not have BI

The reasons why a business intelligence solution will be a value-creating investment, also for small and medium-sized companies, are many and varied from company to company.

This may stem from, for example, significant growth, new business systems, the need for automation of manual, time-consuming analysis and reporting work, the lack of an overview of a business that is constantly changing, or the need for optimization of sales and inventory management processes.

Common to them all is the need for deeper insight into the company's results and processes, better overview of development - in the market, in sales, in product development, etc. - and greater control over which direction the company is moving in.

On the pages here you can get both basic knowledge about BI as well as insight into how a business intelligence solution from Capana can make a difference on the company's bottom line.

Basic knowledge of BI

Here we have compiled a number of articles that give you deeper insight into how a BI solution works and what business benefits it can provide.

BI for any business system

Do you need automated management reporting, optimized knowledge distribution or optimized, common basis for business-critical decisions?

Get a complete BI solution in just 3 months

Capana's BI solutions are added as an extra, value-creating layer on top of your existing business systems. It allows for high flexibility, gradual rollout and fast results.

"The system allows us to optimize the business on many different fronts."

- Kim Engmark, CEO


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