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Why choose Capana?

There are several BI systems on the market - and there are a wealth of BI vendors.

So why choose Capana as your BI partner?

We have gathered here a number of the arguments that our customers have stated as the background for the choice of us as a supplier of their BI solution:

  • Capana has worked with BI since 2003 and therefore possesses a solid amount of knowledge and experience.
  • Capana is one of the largest Qlik suppliers in Scandinavia and the only BI supplier in Denmark that has 100% focus on Qlik.
  • Capana's unique solutions make our customers' daily work easier and more efficient.
  • Our consultants work hands-on; has great professional pride and places emphasis on providing high quality solutions.
  • We have senior consultants with several years of experience in BI and Qlik.
  • Capana has an efficient delivery model that ensures the quality of delivery.
  • With Capana's best practice Deployment Framework, we ensure maximum return and best ROI.
  • Our absolute first priority is the customers' needs and a good and long-term collaboration.



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"Det imponerer mig i dén grad, at Capana var i stand til at levere denne platform på 10 dage uden forudgående kendskab til vores faktureringssystem."

Christian Buch, Billing Manager