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Qlik BI: That's why we chose Qlik

Fast. Flexible. Value-creating.

Many years of experience, both from the BI industry and from a number of industrial industries, have shown that Qlik is the BI technology that provides the fastest, most flexible and thus most value-creating solution - regardless of which industry the BI solution is to be used in.

Qlik BI = Fast

A Qlik-based BI solution is quick to develop, quick to implement and quick to apply. The solution is built on top of the company's existing systems and interconnects all departments and all the company's data into one unified system that all employees can access. The data is updated daily, so you always have an updated picture of how the status of the company, customer, seller, order, project or product is - and thus a knowledge-based basis on which to make today's decisions.

The basic installation of the Qlik system only takes between 0.5 and 2 hours on a server in the company. After this, the company's permanent, affiliated BI specialist from Capana works continuously to roll out the solution to all the company's departments. The first department can usually be up and running - and thus have the first results - already after two to three weeks. The gradual implementation also ensures an anchoring in each department, so that employees can (and are willing to) use the system immediately when they can see how easy it is to use and create value in other departments.

Qlik is a real ETL (Extract - Transform - Load) tool, so solutions can be developed and maintained solely using Qlik. Data is retrieved, saved (in flat files), transformed (and saved again) and presented in one and the same tool. There is thus no need for time-consuming construction and maintenance of databases, and the scalability of the system, which enables it to handle billions of transactions, ensures both optimized delivery and optimized solution for any type and size of business.

The presentation layer consists of tailor-made dashboards in a browser (including also on tablet and smartphone), and responsive design and self service is a matter of course in Qlik, so you as a user experience the greatest possible control and overview in your use of the system.

Se, hvor hurtigt Qlik 
kan give dig resultater.

Prøv selv systemet og se, hvilken indsigt Capanas BI-løsninger kan give dig.

hurtig bi qlik.png

”Det er et overordentligt fleksibelt system – man kan stort set lave alt, hvad man drømmer om.”

- Kim Karlov Nielsen, finansdirektør, NGI 

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Qlik BI = Flexible

Each employee can create their own tailor-made dashboard, which provides an overview and access to exactly the numbers and underlying data and analyzes that they need to optimize their daily work. It can be anything from an overview of how much capital is tied up in goods in the warehouse, over sales and earnings on each and every one of a seller's customers to an overview of how sales and turnover status is for each national department of a worldwide group.

Queries are quickly adapted as needed, and brand new queries can be made with a few clicks, often without the help of the company's IT department or Capana's BI specialists. For example, only a single click is required to change the dimension of a query from monthly to weekly - a change that in other systems would require a developer to regenerate a cube before the answer could be available.

Qlik's comprehensive and flexible system provides fast response time and fast insight - and thus optimized control over all actions in the company. At the same time, this means that there are no restrictions on the knowledge that can be sought in the system - in short, you can get answers to all the questions you can even imagine asking, or even get a warning about the next crisis, which will hit the company.

If there is a need for major adjustments, such as adding new source systems or expanding to more departments in the company, this is also a quick and uncomplicated task, which often only takes a few days of development time for our BI specialists. Our in-depth business understanding and industry experience means that we understand your needs and can quickly translate them into new valuable functionalities in your BI solution.

Qlik BI = Value creation

Jeres udbytte efter et år med Qlik:

  • Færre tidskrævende manuelle processer.

  • Øget indsigt i virksomhedens tilstand på alle niveauer i virksomheden - og dermed øget handlekraft og kortere reaktionstid, når hver medarbejder kan handle vidensbaseret.

  • Vished for, at fakta skaber flere og bedre resultater end medarbejdernes mavefornemmelser.

  • Højere datakvalitet og færre menneskelige fejl og andre fejlkilder

  • Større sikkerhed hos ledelsen ift. at have korrekte tal at basere beslutninger på.

  • Øget gennemsigtighed i virksomheden, når man nemt kan finde ind til dataene bag KPI'er og resultater.

  • Øget kontrol og hurtigt overblik fx over, hvor indtjening kan maksimeres, omkostninger nedbringes og processer optimeres.

  • Bedre bundlinje - de fleste opnår 10% forbedring af bundlinjen efter tre år.



Your dividend after a year with Qlik:

  • Fewer time-consuming manual processes.

  • Increased insight into the state of the company at all levels in the company - and thus increased action power and shorter reaction time when each employee can act knowledge-based.

  • Certainty that facts create more and better results than employees' gut feelings.

  • Higher data quality and fewer human errors and other sources of error

  • Greater security for management in relation to having correct figures on which to base decisions.

  • Increased transparency in the company when you can easily access the data behind KPIs and results.

  • Increased control and a quick overview, for example of where earnings can be maximized, costs reduced and processes optimized.

  • Better bottom line - most people achieve a 10% improvement in the bottom line after three years.

Qlik among the world's leading BI products

The world-leading IT research and consulting company Gartner has once again in 2018 named Qlik to be among the world's leading BI products in the so-called "magic quadrant".

Qlik is at the very top, surpassed only by a minimal margin by Tableau and Microsoft.

Read about the analysis here > 

Qlik among the world's leading BI products

Hvorfor vælge Capana?

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